The Mean Girl’s Murder release was on Friday, and all I can say is: ‘wow!’

I honestly can’t believe the response to this book so far. I have never had such a consensus among ARC reviewers about one of my books.

They’ve talked about how much they highly recommend the series, how this is the best book in the series, and how emotional the ending is.

(The ending is bittersweet for one of the side characters and I will say no more than that because spoilers.)

The Mean Girl's Murder cover

The reviews have got me so emotional they even made me cry.

Some of it was because this book was a real challenge to write, and I really pushed myself as hard as I possibly could to make it the best book I could.

But it’s not just that.

Authors love it when people read their work and leave a positive review.

When we spend weeks, months, or even years working on something, it can feel like we’re in our own little bubble and no one is ever going to read what we create.

Reviews make a huge difference to how we feel about that process and even how motivated we are to keep going.

ARC reviews

Here’s a taste of some of the reviews for The Mean Girl’s Murder so far:

I received this book as an ARC and holy cow was it good. I love Kristina’s books but this one has topped the rest in the series. She is great at bringing the story full circle and this one truly has done that. The characters have grown more in The Mean Girl’s Murder and are learning more about what their powers can do. It’s great to see the characters come together and work more as a team. 

Sarah, ARC reviewer

So love this series. I get so excited when each book is released. The mother daughter duo is unstoppable along with their unexpected friends. If you love paranormal books and shows, this series is a must.

Tammy, ARC reviewer

I throughly enjoyed this latest book by KC Adams.

[Their] story comes to an end in this book. We finally hear about what happened to [them]. It was a bittersweet moment for me as [they have] always been a constant in the prior stories.

Ashisha, ARC reviewer (Review edited to remove spoilers)

This next instalment in the Afterlife Calls series is amazing. The Mean Girl’s Murder contains everything you come to expect from K.C. Adams: twists, turns, ups, downs, answers and questions!! It was so good to revisit Edie and Niamh and find out what happens next in this brilliant series and to learn more about some of the characters backstories. Kristina’s characters and character development is second to none and her ability to create worlds where the reader is instantly transported is incredible.

I really recommend you give this book and series a go. It will not disappoint.

Joanne, ARC reviewer

Just when you think things might be over and calm down for Niamh and Edie…

The Mean Girl’s Murder is the fifth book in the Afterlife Calls series; the first after an arc which spanned across the first four books. After wrapping things up for that initial arc, one may wonder where next? This book answers that question with some unexpected twists and surprises. Most importantly it doesn’t disappoint.

I encourage everyone to join Niamh and Edie on this next step in their journey of further exploring their powers, where they came from, and the world they live in. This book has a touch of mystery, a touch of magic, a touch of romance, and a whole lot of family (both the kind you are born to and the kind you choose).

Chelle, ARC reviewer


Can you see why I got emotional, reading reviews like that?!

What’s The Mean Girl’s Murder about?

Here’s the blurb:

A supernatural serial killer is on the loose…


My arch nemesis is dead, but not gone. A supernatural serial killer destroyed her body but her spirit hasn’t crossed over. Which means the only person at college who can see her is me.

Can I just ignore her and get on with my life? Pretty please? Ugh. I wish. Ignoring her isn’t so easy in a small town when she’s haunting my ex-boyfriend…


I hear him every night, before he murders. But no one else does. And no matter how annoying I find his eerie whistling, I can’t seem to follow it. How can we stop someone we can’t find? And are my friends and family next on his list?

The Mean Girl’s Murder is the fifth book in the mother-daughter paranormal women’s fiction series, Afterlife Calls. If you’re looking for a story that’s seriously sarcastic, slightly spooky, and with a sprinkling of romance, it’s just the series for you.

Where can you download The Mean Girl’s Murder?

You can find the paperback over on Amazon, with the hardback coming very soon.

And you can get your ebook copy on all of the usual retailers:

Go here to find all the places where you can download The Mean Girl’s Murder today.

Happy reading! ????