What Happens in New York, the first book in the What Happens in... series by Kristina Adams


The Mummy’s Curse

One curse. Three victims. A race against time.


My boyfriend is in a coma. And all we know is that there’s dark magic behind it.

If we don’t figure out how to break him out, he could be comatose forever.

Could the cursed Ancient Egyptian mummy who just woke up be the key to his freedom?


I need to break the curse, but I also need to pay the bills. I’m pretty sure they won’t accept ‘my best friend has been cursed’ as an excuse to default on the mortgage.

Working on a building site isn’t my favourite thing to do, but it’s easy money.

Or at least, I thought it was. Until I walked head-first into a poltergeist.

I’ve avoided poltergeists for a decade. Ever since one killed my first husband.

But with families moving in and no one else to exorcise the poltergeist, will what little power I have be enough to take him down?

Will Niamh and Edie break the curse? Can their 4,000 year old friend help? Find out in the second instalment of the mother/daughter paranormal mystery series, Afterlife Calls.

What readers say

This is the kind of mystery you would love to enjoy relaxing on a late afternoon/early evening with a nice cup of tea. It’s nice, it’s cozy and offers the kind of entertainment that fans of ‘Charmed’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ are looking for.



The Mummy’s Curse is a well written and researched book which sucks you into the supernatural world of Niamh and Edie. As with the first book the story is told from two prospective which gives so much more depth to the characters and story. I would recommend this book and series to anyone who loves to lose themselves in a story.



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