The Poltergeist’s Ship

One couple. One cruise ship. One poltergeist after revenge.


A romantic cruise is exactly what Ben and I need after a dramatic start to our relationship. There can’t possibly be ghosts in the middle of the ocean. Can there?!

Yes. Yes there can.

And one of them wants a piece of me.

If only I could work out why before someone gets hurt.


I failed. My exams, my relationship, my family legacy.

Time home alone for the first time ever might help me reset. And the opportunity to put my future career skills to the test could give me the chance to prove myself.

Except everything I touch seems to break. And it feels so much worse because I already hate myself. How can I prove myself? To my family, friends, and myself?

What readers say about the Afterlife Calls series

MUST READ SERIES!!!!! This is the first book in what is a page turner series and I couldn’t put it down! If you are fans of Supernatural and Charmed, you will fall in love with this series just as I have. These wonderful characters pull you right in as they deal with the ghosts inhabiting this quaint town. These characters are so well written that you become immersed in their lives and feel like you too are a part of this group. I’m glad I found this series when I did so I was able to jump right into the next book in the series!

Amazon Customer


The Afterlife Calls series is just getting better and better, and as it expands, it drags the reader further and further into a rich world of supernatural creatures, astounding mysteries, and both lovable characters and hateable villains, along with a few esoteric, morally grey persons of interest that sprinkle doubt and intrigue into the mix.

Cassie Kelley

Author and ARC reviewer

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