What Happens in New York


What Happens in New York is the a story of fame, fashion, and friendship written by Nottingham Author Kristina Adams.

A last-minute trip to New York. A chance meeting with a sexy stranger. A once-in-a-lifetime party…with some of the world’s hottest celebrities.

Hollie and Fayth don’t hate their lives, they just wish things were different. Wouldn’t you if you worked for a misogynistic boss or your ex-husband was EVERYWHERE?

In desperate need of a break, they book tickets to a film convention 3,000 miles away.

But cosplay and queues are about to be the least of their worries.

When Hollie catches the eye of sexy stunt performer Astin, he invites them to an exclusive, A-List party…

…where they meet celebrity power couple Liam York and Trinity Gold. Liam is fascinated by Fayth’s quaint village life. Trinity’s jealous streak soon kicks in.

Like it or not, Hollie and Fayth are about to be thrust into the spotlight. But have their small-town upbringings prepared them for life as pseudo-celebrities?

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