What Happens in London by Kristina Adams

By Kristina Adams

Behind the Spotlight

One’s famous. One hates fame. Second chances don’t get more complicated than this.

Cameron has a secret. It’s not a life-changing secret, just a secret. 

Or at least, he thought it was.

His first love – his first everything, really – was Luke Andrews, 1/4 of the world’s biggest boy band, HATT. Cameron hasn’t spoken to anyone about Luke since he left. He buried his feelings for him in a deep, dark cave when Luke broke up with him to pursue his lifelong dream.

But when Cameron and Luke see each other again for the first time in five years, they can’t deny that the spark is still there. Will they rekindle their romance, or will Luke’s stardom get in the way?

What readers say

An amazing book. It was nice to see Jack and Tate in this way. How they met and what happened. It was a brilliant read leaving you wanting more.

Kindle Customer


I absolutely adored this read. The characters were believable and everything that happened is so realistic that I could almost picture it happening in front of me. I had a few laugh out loud moments, a couple of moments that I teared up, and one moment that I cringed so hard for one of the characters. What’s not to love?


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