The Real World, a What Happens in... prequel by Kristina Adams


The Real World

Life in the spotlight isn’t all fame and fortune.

Although it did seem that way to Liam York for a while.

He was the star of the world’s biggest fantasy franchise…

…was best friends with some of the coolest Hollywood stars…

…and had a great family.

But great things don’t last.

When Liam loses his sister in a car accident, his downward spiral begins.

What Happens in New York, the first book in the What Happens in... series by Kristina Adams


What Happens in New York

Since graduating from university, Hollie has achieved a fat lot of nothing.

Depressed at the thought of doing more of the same, she drags her best friend Fayth to New York.

For most people, that’s just a holiday. For them, it’s a decision that will change their lives forever.

They’re about to upset Hollywood royalty. Have their small-town upbringings prepared them for life as pseudo-celebrities?

What Happens in London by Kristina Adams


What Happens in London

Hollie has everything she’s ever wanted. So naturally she’s terrified.

Already facing her inner demons, she finds herself facing external ones too when her boyfriend is in a debilitating accident.

Things aren’t much better for her best friend Fayth, who’s about to lose the last piece of her childhood.

How will Hollie juggle being her boyfriend’s primary carer while setting up her own business?

And will Fayth be able to move on from the life she’s always planned?

The cover for Return to New York by Kristina Adams



Return to New York

Fayth is about to finally get a taste of the independence she never knew she wanted.

She’ll live in New York with her celebrity boyfriend, study photography, and start to build a life away from what’s left of her close-knit family.

But is she ready for everything that involves?

And when the ghosts of her past begin to haunt her, can she fight them, or will they finally win?


Productivity for Writers

Productivity for Writers: How to Write More, Defeat Your Inner Critic, and Make the Most of Every Minute

More than 80% of the global population wants to write a book, but the majority never do.

Fear, anxiety, day jobs, family commitments, procrastination, depression, self-doubt, and the ubiquitous ‘writer’s block’ all get in the way.

But what if they didn’t have to?

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