By K.C. Adams

The Mean Girl’s Murder

A supernatural serial killer is on the loose…


A romantic cruise is exactly what Ben and I need after a dramatic start to our relationship. There can’t possibly be ghosts in the middle of the ocean. Can there?!

Yes. Yes there can.

And one of them wants a piece of me.

If only I could work out what they want before someone gets hurt.


I failed. My exams, my relationship, my family legacy. I’m a failure.

Time home alone for the first time ever might help me reset. And the opportunity to put my future career skills to the test could give me the chance to prove myself.

Except everything I touch seems to break. And it feels so much worse because I already hate myself. How can I prove myself? To my family, friends, and myself?

The Poltergeist’s Ship is the sixth book in the mother-daughter paranormal women’s fiction series, Afterlife Calls. If you’re looking for a story that’s seriously sarcastic, slightly spooky, and with a sprinkling of romance, it’s just the series for you.

Kristina Adams and her dog, Millie, 2022

Fiction and nonfiction author

Kristina Adams

Kristina is the author of the bestselling What Happens in… series about two friends who get caught up in the world of celebrity. She’s now working on the spin-off series, Hollywood Gossip.

She’s also published three nonfiction books for writers, Writing Myths, Productivity for Writers, and How to Write Believable Characters.

In 2021, she started publishing her fantasy series under her new pen name, K.C. Adams. The series is about a mother and daughter who just happen to be ghost hunters. Think of it like an English Gilmore Girls…with ghosts.

When she isn’t working on her books, she’s freelancing as a content marketer, teaching writing over at The Writer’s Cookbook, or spending time with her dog, Millie.


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