By Kristina Adams

Writing Myths

Myths and Misconceptions Holding You Back in Your Writing Career

Bridge the gap between studying writing and getting published.

Whether you want to self-publish or go down the traditional route, Writing Myths will teach you what skills you need, where to look, and what to do. This book answers every question you’ve ever had about building a writing career and some you’ve never even thought of. Stop listening to what your Great Aunt Mildred thinks worked for J.D.Salinger in the 1950s and learn what actually works in the 2020s.

Writing Myths is rammed with practical advice on the craft – and more importantly, the business – of writing. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or even poetry, you’ll finish it feeling confident in your skills and more inspired than ever to pursue your dreams.

Find out what myths are holding you back in your writing career – download your copy today.

What readers say

I’m in my 60s and been dealing with fear/ block for many years, but this book answered most of my questions and gave me hope to feel free to begin to bare my future stories to the world. It’s also chock-full of very useful information.
P.S. The cuss words cracked me up! 🙂

Tania, Amazon Reviewer

Lots of myths and misconceptions were debunked and made you feel positive about continuing to write. There were lots of hints and tips for me as well. Some of the things I already do, which also helps you, makes you feel that you are getting somethings right. So I found this very useful.

HJK, Amazon Reviewer

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