The Ghost's Call - Afterlife Calls Book 1 by K.C.Adams


The Ghost’s Call

One mother. One daughter. One haunted town.


Widow. Divorcee. Mother. Retired ghost hunter.

I keep moving to escape my past. But every time, it finds me.

I thought my hometown would be somewhere I could turn off my guard, raise my daughter in peace.I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Ghosts are bombarding our hometown. Residents are scared. No one is safe.

But I retired from ghost hunting years ago. Am I really still the only person who can save the townsfolk?


I never signed up to be a ghost hunter. I was born one.

But Mum hates me using my powers. She prefers to pretend we can’t see ghosts.

Until one asks me to protect his family.

I can’t ignore his warning when my closest friend could be in jeopardy. But I can’t make sense of his vague warning. Why are they in danger? And what can I do to help them?

Discover a whole new world of ghosts, magic, and romance in The Ghost’s Call, the first book in the Afterlife Calls paranormal mystery series. It’s a little bit spooky, sprinkled with romance, and seriously sarcastic.

If you’re looking for a story of family, romance, and ghosts, this is the series for you.

What readers say

Packed with a solid plot, fantastic and real characters and a solid amount of hilarious banter and wit, The Ghost’s Call delivers in the genre time and time again. Written in dual PoV from single mom Niamh and teenager Edie, the story unfolds with a ghost mystery and a too-cute Westie dog (you know I love animals in fiction!) that steals the show with her adorableness. I loved Niamh and Edie’s relationship because of how relatable and realistic it is.

Alexa Whitewolf

Author and Editor

For a first novel in the fantasy genre, Kristina doesn’t disappoint. Her experience as a writer and passion for the genre and her characters shine through. There are twists along the way and unanswered questions by the end but that only adds to the charm of the story. While also leaving the reader wanting more.


ARC reviewer

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