The Real World, a What Happens in... prequel by Kristina Adams

By Kristina Adams

The Real World

What Happens in… prequel

Life in the spotlight isn’t all fame and fortune.

Although it did seem that way to Liam York for a while.

He was the star of the world’s biggest fantasy franchise…

…was best friends with some of the coolest Hollywood stars…

…and had a great family.

But great things don’t last.

When Liam loses his sister in a car accident, his downward spiral begins.

Find out what Liam was like before he met Hollie and Fayth, before he made his Broadway debut, and before he and Trinity were an item in this exclusive What Happens in… prequel, only available to mailing list subscribers.

What was great was that, in just a few short pages, Kristina managed to take me through a range of emotions and share a great deal about her characters with me—I wanted to know more!

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