By K.C.Adams

The Witch’s Sacrifice

One mother. One daughter. One haunted town.

Someone has isolated me from everyone I know. My boyfriend. My best friends. And now my daughter. Not to mention I’ve lost my job because I can barely walk.

Things couldn’t get much worse. But that isn’t going to stop me.

Whoever’s behind all this, I’m going to find them and stop them. Once and for all.

I finally know what my family has been hiding from me. But it doesn’t make me feel any better. Living with Dominic and his dog, I’m more isolated than ever.

I moved out to find freedom, but Dominic’s place feels more like a prison every day. Did I make the right call, or was I better off at home after all?

Will Niamh find out who’s behind everything? Will Edie keep using her powers, whatever the cost? Find out in the fourth book in the Afterlife Calls series.