By Kristina Adams

Hollywood Destiny

A thought-provoking love story about mental health, creativity, and the pressures of fame.

Tate’s starring in a new action movie. It’s exactly the kind of role she needs to shake her child star image for good. But she’s about to discover just how shielded she was growing up. Can she handle the pressure of life on a set with judgmental colleagues and a megalomaniac director? Or will it bring up past issues she thought she was over?

Jack, meanwhile, can’t stand to think about music right now. It was what he spent his life working toward, but after his Ibiza dreams ended badly, he’s scarred. His record label agree to give him a break, but is it enough, or will his career change course forever?

Hollywood Destiny is the fourth book in the on/off romance series Hollywood Gossip. It’s a story about finding – and losing – yourself. It’s an emotional will-they, won’t-they romance with no guarantee of a happy ending.

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