The cover for Return to New York by Kristina Adams

By Kristina Adams

Return to New York

To embrace her future, she must confront her past

Fayth had thought getting attacked by her stalker was the end of her problems. 

Turns out, there’s someone else with an axe to grind: her boyfriend’s ex. She’s one of the world’s biggest film stars, but that’s not enough for her. Trinity Gold is out for revenge, and she won’t stop until she gets it.

How much more damage could she possibly do to Fayth’s reputation? Does this mean Fayth’s photography career will be over before it’s even begun?

What readers say

Fantastic book. Great story following the series. Perfect easy reading about loveable characters. Another great book by Kristina Adams.

Dawn Hartley


Gripping book and really enjoyed it

Amazon Customer


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