Productivity for Writers

How to Write More, Be More Productive, and Defeat Your Inner Critic

Do you want to write a book but just don’t have the time?

Does self doubt stop you from putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?

More than 80% of the world want to write a book, yet the majority of us never do. Fear, anxiety, lack of time, procrastination, self-doubt and the ubiquitous ‘writer’s block’ all get in the way.

But what if there was a book that could help you with all of those things and more? What if there was a book that would teach you to be a more confident writer, to procrastinate less, and to make the most of the time that you have?

That book is here!

Whether you’ve been writing a few months or a few years, Productivity for Writers offers the inspiration you need to get going with its tough-love approach to writing, productivity, and how not to waste our lives. If you’re stuck in a rut and need a kick up the derrière, this book is just what you need!

Productivity for Writers is aimed at budding authors but the tactics in it work whether you write fiction, poetry, blogs or even creative nonfiction.

In Productivity for Writers, you’ll learn:

  • Why writers block doesn’t exist
  • How to channel your creativity
  • How to find time to write when you feel like you don’t have time
  • What to do when you’re stuck in a rut
  • The best times and places to write
  • How to free write
  • How to get over self-doubt
  • Why depression and anxiety don’t have to stop you from writing

Sound interesting?

Grab your copy today.