What Happens in…

Two friends. One life-changing vacation.

Hollie can’t catch a break. She’s broke, she’s back living with her family, and her career prospects are zero. So when the chance arises for her and her best friend to escape to New York, well, she can hardly say no, can she?

Little does she know, the charming stunt performer she just met is about to introduce her to Hollywood royalty. But are the Hollywood elite really who they claim to be, or is there more to their stories than they let on?

Find out what happens next in this sassy, seductive series.

The Ghost's Call - Afterlife Calls Book 1 by K.C.Adams

The Real World 

The cover for Return to New York by Kristina Adams

Return to New York

The Mummy's Curse cover

What Happens in New York

What Happens in Barcelona, the fourth book in the What Happens in... series by Kristina Adams

What Happens in Barcelona

The Necromancer's Secret by K.C. Adams

What Happens in London

What Happens in Paphos cover

What Happens in Paphos

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Hollywood Nightmare

Read Trinity’s tell-all memoir

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Behind the Spotlight

Cameron and Luke’s second-chance romance

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Hollywood Gossip

Discover how Tate and Jack became the power couple that we love

Hollywood Parents by Kristina Adams

Hollywood Parents

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Hollywood Drama

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Hollywood Destiny

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Hollywood Heartbreak