By K.C.Adams

The Mean Girl’s Murder

A supernatural serial killer is on the loose…


My arch nemesis is dead, but not gone. A supernatural serial killer destroyed her body but her spirit hasn’t crossed over. Which means the only person at college who can see her is me.

Can I just ignore her and get on with my life? Pretty please? Ugh. I wish. Ignoring her isn’t so easy in a small town when she’s haunting my ex-boyfriend… 


I hear him every night, before he murders. But no one else does. And no matter how annoying I find his eerie whistling, I can’t seem to follow it. How can we stop someone we can’t find? And are my friends and family next on his list?

The Mean Girl’s Murder is the fifth book in the mother-daughter paranormal women’s fiction series, Afterlife Calls. If you’re looking for a story that’s seriously sarcastic, slightly spooky, and with a sprinkling of romance, it’s just the series for you.