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By Kristina Adams

Hollywood Gossip

They’re rich, they’re famous, and they’re about to fall apart…

‘They’re rich, they’re famous, and they’re about to fall apart…

It looks like Tate Gardener has it all. And that’s what she wants you to think. She has a hit TV show, a second album on the way, and she models for some of the world’s biggest brands. The media and her fans love her, too. But nobody stays a golden child forever. Is Tate’s diva attitude about to bite her where it hurts?

Jack Cuoco, meanwhile, has nothing left to lose. If he doesn’t produce a killer song soon, his record label will drop him faster than you can say ‘one-hit wonder.’ As his panic grows, so does his need for more vodka. Can he curb his addiction long enough to make great music, or will his addiction lead him down his darkest path yet?

When Tate and Jack’s record label forces them to work together, their conflicting personalities clash in ways neither are prepared for. Will they bring out the best in each other, or will it be the end of both their careers?

Find out in the first book in this rollercoaster What Happens in… spin off.

What readers say

Author Kristina Adams skillfully draws her reader into the web created by mixing one’s very work driven lifestyle with the addictive life of the other. Somehow the two worlds merge as we see each try to navigate the other’s lifestyle while still holding on to the life they know.

We share the highlights of their success. We fall into the abyss when addiction again starts to take over. As readers, we feel the fear of each as they step into an unfamiliar world.

Mary, Amazon Reviewer

Absolutely loved this spin off, can’t wait for the next one.

Leanne, Amazon Reviewer

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