I am a warrior.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Since it’s International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share an inspiring poem.

It’s one that I’ve read at a few events lately and that has been received really well.

It’s called Warrior.

You buried me so deep I couldn’t see,
Threw dirt on top so I couldn’t break free,
But poor you: you underestimated me.

You thought I needed you,
That I couldn’t function without you,
But you don’t realise how much I’ve changed
How much what you did rearranged
how I see the world—
I’m not the naive little girl
that you strung along,
I’m a warrior:

I’ll fight until my last breath,
And keep going when it looks like there’s nothing left
Because I carve my own path,
I fight my own battles,
I’ll claw my way out until I break free
and I’d like to thank you for underestimating me.