I can’t believe I wrote this poem in 2015!

It’s from an as-yet unreleased novella that runs parallel to What Happens in London.

The novella—titled Behind the Spotlight—is about Cameron and Luke, a couple that broke up when Luke became famous.

Old feelings resurface when Cameron and Luke run into each other again after five years apart.

Luke, being the songwriter that he is, writers a song or several about Cameron. This gives me a great opportunity to write some poetry from the points of view of my characters. Below is one of those songs, written when Luke is trying to get Cameron to forgive him for something.

I have to admit, writing something so clearly over-the-top was fun. I’m not sure the title is very boyband-like, so I’m open to alternative suggestions, but as a poem, I think the title works.

Let me know what you think!

A Crime You Can’t Forgive

I’ve done some things that I regret
Made some mistakes for which I can’t repent
I chose myself when I should’ve chosen you
And now I’m scared you’ll move on to someone new.

I put myself first the one time I shouldn’t have
Treated you like a rock when I should’ve picked glass.
You gave me chances I didn’t deserve
But now when you look at me it’s not with concern:

It’s the same disgust you’d give your worst enemy
The same mistrust I’d expect for anyone but me
It’s scathing, it’s disillusioned, it’s heart-breaking.

All I need now is a knife to the stomach
A gun to my head or poison down my gullet.
Nothing I can say will change what I did:
I’ve committed a crime I know you can’t forgive.