I wrote this poem a few years ago now, when my nan went to hospital with hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

It was also part of my Poetry portfolio for my MA, and I’ve read it at a couple of local events, too.

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Your face was red,
not peachy
like I’m used to.
Your skin was ice, even with three blankets
and the scarf I bought you
last Christmas.

I watched you lie there;
You said you were fine.
I saw your eyes.

No one came whilst we waited.
No doctors.
No nurses.
No relatives.
Relatives that only see you if
there’s something in it for

‘It’s probably your diabetes,’
the doctors say, but
they’re not sure:
It could’ve been a heart attack.

You’re home by the next evening,
Wrapped up in your yellow slanket,
The Chase on, cuppa in hand.
The dog won’t leave you alone.

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