Welcome to my new author website!

I’ve been wanting to set up an author website for a while now. I put it off because I wanted to wait until the current host forThe Writer’s Cookbook was almost up. That way, I could create the new site and move my current one over around the same time.

Having heard good things about Krystal Hosting, I decided to check them out. Jordan, the person I spoke to on their live chat, was really helpful and answered all my silly questions about moving. I still can’t believe it’s as easy as they claim, but we’ll see when I move over The Writer’s Cookbook in a couple of weeks.

First, I have the mammoth task of tidying things and getting rid of all the guinea pig and dummy sites I’ve set up over the years. Fun times.

In between doing that, I’m populating this site with interesting titbits about my books. So far I’ve created landing pages for What Happens in New York and What Happens in London, although the designs are very much still works in progress. (If you have any suggestions, please do post them in the comments!)

Next on the list is to create a page for Productivity for Writers and move my poetry over from The Writer’s Cookbook.

The plan is to have this site filled with all things about my books and poetry, and save The Writer’s Cookbook for all the writing ingredients you need.

If there’s anything you’d like to see on this site or The Writer’s Cookbook, please get in touch with your suggestions!

In the mean time, stay tuned for exclusive excerpts and musings that you won’t find anywhere else!

Oh, and don’t forget, you can get your free ebook, The Real World, by signing up to my author mailing list!

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