I’ve been planning the events in this book since long before I started working on What Happens in New York.

The key scene that happens in What Happens in Barcelona has always been inevitable. It wasn’t a question of what, it was a question of how.

And in just a few weeks’ time, you get to find out what that what is, and how it happens!

If you want to find out what the key scene I’m on about is, it’s in the blurb. I’ll spare you repeating it.

You’re not here to find out what that BIG SCENE is anyway. No, you came here to see what the cover looks like for What Happens in Barcelona. And here it is:

What Happens in Barcelona, the fourth book in the What Happens in... series by Kristina Adams

I usually hate orange. I avoid yellows and oranges as much as possible. They’re far too happy for me. I like the oranges in this, though; it works well with the red IMO.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next: you can preorder your copy and have it arrive on your Kindle on 28 March!


In the mean time, I’m off to catch up on some more sleep!

Happy reading!



I’m super excited to share Hollie and Fayth’s next adventure with you. It is an emotional rollercoaster…even more so than the other books, that is!