As some of you may know, Hollywood Gossip is a spin-off of the What Happens in… series.

As the universe continues to expand, things might get a little complicated/confusing, so I wanted to create a post to answer some questions about how the books tie in together.

If you think of any that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them in 🙂

Where does Hollywood Gossip fit into the What Happens in… timeline?

It’s a prequel, set four years before What Happens in New York.

The final two books in the series, Hollywood Heartbreak and Hollywood Romance, overlap with the whole of the What Happens in… series and end a little bit after them.

Which characters from What Happens in New York are in it?

Tate and Jack, who are the main characters. Trinity, Liam, and Astin have roles in all the books while Hollie and Fayth appear in the last two books.

Smaller characters like Tate’s assistant, Maddy, Liam’s bodyguard, Wade, and Tate’s dog, Moxie, are also around.

Do I have to have read What Happens in… to read Hollywood Gossip?

Nope. You can read them in any order you like!

Who are the main characters in Hollywood Gossip?

Tate and Jack.

What genre(s) do the books fall into?

Contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Hollywood Gossip focuses on Tate and Jack’s on/off relationship but there’s no guarantee of a happy ending at the end of each book, only the series.

The What Happens in… books mostly focus on Hollie and Fayth’s friendship and careers, with their romances acting as subplots.

Where is Hollywood Gossip set?

  • Hollywood Gossip: New York and LA
  • Hollywood Parents: New York
  • Hollywood Drama: Wiltshire, UK and Ibiza, Spain
  • Hollywood Destiny: New York and Gold Coast, Australia
  • Hollywood Heartbreak: New York and London, UK
  • Hollywood Romance: Barcelona, Spain, and Paphos, Cyprus

Whose point of view is Hollywood Gossip written from?

It’s written in first person, from Tate’s and Jack’s points of view.

What’s the chronological order of the books?

  1. Hollywood Gossip
  2. Hollywood Parents
  3. Hollywood Drama
  4. Hollywood Destiny
  5. The Real World
  6. Hollywood Heartbreak (overlaps with What Happens in New York and What Happens in London)
  7. What Happens in New York
  8. What Happens in London
  9. Behind the Spotlight (overlaps with What Happens in London, Return to New York, and What Happens in Barcelona)
  10. What Happens in Texas (free blog series—overlaps with a tiny bit of What Happens in London and Return to New York)
  11. Return to New York
  12. What Happens in Barcelona
  13. Hollywood Nightmare
  14. Hollywood Romance (overlaps with What Happens in Barcelona and What Happens in Paphos)
  15. What Happens in Paphos

What’s the publication order of the books?

  1. What Happens in New York
  2. The Real World
  3. What Happens in London
  4. Return to New York
  5. What Happens in Barcelona
  6. Behind the Spotlight
  7. What Happens in Paphos
  8. Hollywood Gossip
  9. Hollywood Parents
  10. Hollywood Nightmare
  11. Hollywood Drama
  12. Hollywood Destiny
  13. Hollywood Heartbreak
  14. Hollywood Romance

How does Behind the Spotlight fit in?

Behind the Spotlight is a spin-off novella about Hollie’s ex-flatmate Cameron. He’s reunited with his ex, who just so happens to be in the world’s biggest boy band.

Hollie is the only other character from the What Happens in… series to make an appearance, but the others are mentioned in passing.

How does Hollywood Nightmare fit in?

Hollywood Nightmare is a fake memoir from Trinity’s point of view, available exclusively to mailing list subscribers.

You can read it whenever you like, but it fits nicely after the end of What Happens in Barcelona. If you’ve read What Happens in Barcelona, you’ll know why 😉

What’s the recommended reading order?

There isn’t one! I would recommend reading one series at a time, but it’s up to you whether you read What Happens in… or Hollywood Gossip first.

Behind the Spotlight you can read whenever as, while it contains a couple of the characters, it doesn’t overlap as heavily as What Happens in… and Hollywood Gossip. Chronologically, you’ll notice some parallels/references to What Happens in London in it, but they’re subtle 😉

If you’ve got any other questions let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you. Happy reading!

Last updated: 22 February 2024