I am so excited to share The Mummy’s Curse with you. It’s a combination of everything I love: magic, romance, sarcasm, and dramaaaaaa.

All the drama, seriously.

When I first came up with the title of this book, I didn’t realise the double entendre.

It was pure coincidence.

But, not only does the book have a mummy in it, but Niamh is also forced to confront some of the issues she has with her own mother.

And yeah…it’s bad.

(You’ll find out more about why she hates her mum so much in my upcoming short story for mailing list subscribers. Stay tuned for more details on that!)

About The Mummy’s Curse

Niamh is about to discover she isn’t the only one with secrets…

After 4,000 years, an Egyptian mummy wakes up in a local primary school. That was not part of the planned exhibit.

Could his reanimated state be linked to the magical comas Niamh and Edie’s friends have fallen into? And could he be the key to saving them?

As if Niamh doesn’t have enough to worry about already, she still has to track down dozens of ghosts haunting her hometown. Which will require the help of the last person she ever wanted to speak to again: her mother.

Oh, and she may or may not be working in a haunted house. She can’t tell, because her powers have gone wonky.

If Niamh can’t help herself, how can she possibly help anyone else?

Will Niamh and Edie’s friends survive their curse? Will Niamh survive spending time with her mother? Find out in the second Afterlife Calls paranormal mystery, The Mummy’s Curse.

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The Mummy's Curse cover

Afterlife Calls quiz

As part of the launch celebrations for The Mummy’s Curse, I’m going to be running a social media quiz on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and Tiktok.

You can take part on any platform you want! (Or all of them!)

Here are the quiz questions for you:

  1. Introduce yourself! (22 September)
  2. What’s the spookiest thing that’s ever happened to you? (23 September)
  3. Do you believe in ghosts? (24 September)
  4. What’s your favourite historical period and why? (25 September)
  5. If you could have a conversation with any historical figure, who would it be? (26 September)
  6. Who’s your favourite fictional pet? (27 September)
  7. Would you rather be a ghost hunter, necromancer, or witch? (28 September)

You don’t have to do anything to take part (other than post, obviously)—it’s open to everyone. Just remember t use #AfterlifeCallsQuiz so everyone taking part can see your answers!

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Afterlife Calls quiz questions. See above for what they are.

Where you can read The Mummy’s Curse

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