Here’s a complete list of the Kristina Adams (and K.C. Adams) books you can read for free and where. It also includes links on how to read all of Kristina’s titles even when you’re on a budget.

Read Kristina Adams’s Books for Free

Read the rest of Kristina Adams’s books

Read K.C. Adams’s Books for Free


Read the rest of K.C Adams’s books

Where can I purchase Kristina Adams’s books?

You can find Kristina Adams titles on all ebook platforms including Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, Nook, Smashwords, and more.

If you’re reading on a budget there are lots of places where you can continue (or even start) reading Kristina’s books without breaking the bank.

Free Kristina Adams books 

You can download

What Happens in New York and The Ghost’s Call for free from your ebook retailer of choice right now. Free prequels are also available for both books exclusively to mailing list subscribers.

Joining my Very Important Readers (VIRs) is where you will also find the latest details on upcoming sales. 

Subscription services

While my books aren’t available on Kindle Unlimited (because it wants indie authors to grant it exclusive rights to enrol in it), you can find them on other subscription services. 

Kobo Plus 

Kobo Plus is a book subscription service. You can choose between ebook only, audiobook only, or both. It works out cheaper than Kindle Unlimited and Audible, and still offers you access to millions of titles.

Kobo Plus Prices UK

Kobo Plus Prices US

Everand (Formerly Scribd)

Another book subscription service.

It’s worth noting that Everand rotates its library of books and audiobooks, so some of my books may be unavailable on there. Despite advertising unlimited books, it also does put caps on this (you can find more details if you check out the Everand/Scrib Reddit or recent reviews on the app store.)

I’ve got no control over which of my books are available on here and when.

Everand UK Price

Scribd US Prices

After a 30-day free trial, it’s $9.99 per month for ebooks and audiobooks.

Library services 

If you’re not a fan of subscription services or you want to support your local library (go you!) there are a few ways you can read Kristina Adams’s books through your local library.

If you can’t find Kristina’s books on your local library service, try contacting your library and requesting them so that they’re available to you – and future readers! – through the apps below. Different libraries use different apps but Libby is one of the most popular and is used by libraries around the world.

I’ve found links to my books on some library platforms, but not all make the links publicly available.

Overdrive (Libby)

Overdrive provides ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks that you can check out through your local library. All you need is a library card and Libby’s app on your phone or tablet.

You can even send books to your Kindle app via Libby.

It can also tell you when a new edition of a magazine or book that you’ve wishlisted is added to your library’s catalogue.


BorrowBox is another app that you can download to get books free from your local library. They even they have specialised apps for e-readers and Kindle products.


One caveat with Hoopla: they’ve banned some Kristina Adams books for reasons unknown and this is almost impossible to challenge. So if you want to read every book in the What Happens in Hollywood Universe, it’s worth trying a different library platform first. 

Palace Marketplace

Another library platform. This one includes school and university libraries.

Baker & Taylor

Provides library and wholesaler services.


A library platform that works with over 30,000 libraries around the world.


Another library option.

A note on piracy and its impact on diversity

 When you pirate a book, film, TV show, or game, you’re not sticking it to The Man. It doesn’t hurt the big distributors like Amazon or Apple. It hurts the creators. The people who end up feeling like their effort, time, and money isn’t good enough for you to invest a few of your hard-earned quid into.

This means fewer people from diverse backgrounds – women, people of colour, the working class – can afford to work in a creative career because they don’t have their parents’ money to back them up. So they have to leave and get a desk job because that’s the only way they can pay the bills.

Diversity matters. Stories matter.

Learning about experiences different to our own leads to a more diverse, inclusive, productive, happy, financially stable, equal, and environmentally friendly culture.

And that starts by spending a few quid on books written by indie authors.

Or by checking out your local library.