In the latest scene from What Happens in New York, it’s time to meet Hollywood golden couple Liam York and Trinity Gold. They look like the perfect couple, but are they as perfect in real life as they appear to be on camera?

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What Happens in New York, by Kristina Adams, is out now in ebook and print.

Fayth woke at sunrise. Her dad would already be up. Brooke would already be on her way to college. Hollie would wake up at some point, but when would depend on what time she’d fallen asleep—a regular sleeping pattern had never been her thing.

Fayth slid on her mule slippers, pulled on her purple dressing gown, and went downstairs. Her dad sat in the living room, watching the news and drinking tea.

‘Morning,’ she said.

‘Morning. There’s a brew in the pot.’

‘Thanks.’ She made her way into the kitchen and poured herself some tea. Returning to the living room, she sat on the sofa and propped her feet up on the coffee table. The film segment had just started, and they were at the premiere of Trinity Gold’s new film, On the Straight and Narrow, about the girlfriend of a drug lord who was trying to keep him clean. And she was being interviewed with her boyfriend, Liam York.

Fayth shifted closer to the TV. ‘Can you turn it up a bit please, Dad?’

She’d been a fan of Liam York’s his ever since he’d starred in her favourite childhood film, Rescue Rover, about a neglected dog that befriended an orphaned boy. He was her first celebrity crush, and she was still enamoured with him fifteen years later. She felt slightly guilty about it, but not that guilty. He was a cute child star that had grown into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but to Fayth, he still looked like a puppy. He had big, brown eyes that could talk you into anything, and floppy dark brown hair that fell over—and often into—his eyes. He often had his hands in his pockets, and his signature move was flicking his hair from his face.

Trinity clung to Liam’s right arm, an unmoving smile plastered over her elfin face.

Her dad reached for the remote and turned up the TV.

‘Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we really appreciate it,’ said the interviewer in her RP accent. She wore a blue coat, her hands covered by matching leather gloves.

‘Oh, it’s no problem,’ said Trinity, touching the interviewer’s arm.

‘So tell us Trinity, who are you wearing tonight?’

‘My dress—’ black, sleeveless, frilly, ‘—is Vivienne Westwood. My shoes—’  gold gladiator sandals, ‘—are Jimmy Choo, and the necklace—’  long gold chain ‘—is from Tiffany’s. The bracelet—’ tennis bracelet ‘—is one that Liam designed for me.’ She held it up to the camera. It sparkled in the light of the flashing cameras.

The interviewer nodded in approval. ‘He’s got taste.’

‘Hasn’t he?’ said Trinity, straightening Liam’s tie.

What was she doing? It wasn’t even squiff.

So tell me Trinity, what preparation did you do for your role? Did you have to go on a special diet?’

Liam readjusted his tie back to how it had been. Fayth snorted.

Trinity nodded. ‘Yeah. I went on the Atkins.

Idiot. Carbs were not the enemy.

‘It was tough, but Liam helped me through it.’ She squeezed his arm. ‘He’s very supportive.’

He gave a small smile. She kissed his cheek.

Liam was so cute. The interviewer needed to hurry up and talk to him instead of Trinity.

‘That’s so cute!’ cooed the interviewer. ‘Did you have a particular scene or outfit you had to prepare for?’

‘There’s this one scene where I go for a swim and lose my string bikini. I emerge from the pool naked—you don’t see anything, just my back—and that took a lot of work. Lots of squats! The bikini I wear in that scene is gorgeous. It’s gold and sparkles, like me!’

Fayth had never been sure what to make of Trinity. Sometimes she could act, sometimes she couldn’t. Sometimes she was interesting in interviews, sometimes she got asked asinine questions about her diet.

‘Sounds gorgeous!’ said the interviewer.

‘It is! I’m a little nervous at seeing it, though. I worked really hard on that scene so I’m hoping it’s turned out well.’

‘Oh, I’m sure it has,’ said the interviewer. Finally, she turned to Liam: ‘So Liam, now that the Highwater films are over, what’ve you been up to? You seem to have fallen off the grid lately.’

Highwater was an epic fantasy film series Liam and Trinity had starred in together. Liam had played an explorer called Eric, whose helicopter crashed in the Amazon. Trinity’s healer character, Melitha, had helped save him. A romance between the two of them ensued until the third and final film, where it was revealed that Melitha was the Big Bad, and was secretly trying to kill him.

‘I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen off the grid, just taken a step back from movies. I’m in a play on Broadway right now called Mortalis. It’s about a soldier from World War II.’ His face and body seemed to reanimate. His eyes had their spark back; he moved his hands as he spoke.

‘The reviews have been pretty good, right?’

‘They’ve been more than “pretty good”, they’ve been brilliant!’ chimed Trinity, a proud smile on her face. She placed a hand on his chest.

Liam nodded, flashing the interviewer a shy smile. Why was he so cute?

‘Any plans to return to the big screen?’ asked the interviewer.

‘Not right now. I’m enjoying the change of pace and interacting with fans at conventions,’ he said.

This disappointed Fayth. She had every one of his films on DVD, but nothing compared to seeing him onscreen in something new.

‘That’s right! You’re a big hit on the convention circuit, aren’t you?’

He blushed, lowering his head a little. ‘I enjoy it. The fans are really dedicated, and it’s great fun meeting them all.’

Trinity moved the hand that had clung to his arm to the back of his neck and caressed it. ‘They’re so much fun!’

Liam moved her hand so that it rested on his shoulder instead. Fayth leaned forwards a little more.

‘When’s the next one?’

‘HighCon’s in New York in a couple weeks, I think,’ said Liam. HighCon was the big Highwater convention that was held in a different location each year. Fayth had always wanted to go, but she’d never had the time.

‘Awesome! No doubt your fans will be looking forward to it. Will you be there too Trinity?’

‘Of course! We’re doing a Q&A together.’ She beamed at the camera.

‘Sounds like fun! It’s been a pleasure talking to you both. Good luck with the film and play!’

‘I just don’t get it,’ said her dad, lowering the volume on the TV. ‘You’ve been in love with this lad since you were a kid, and he’s never once got his hair cut short enough that it doesn’t poke him in the damn eye.’

What Happens in New York is out now!