Hollywood Gossip is almost here!

When it arrives will depend on your ebook provider, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I need your help promoting it.

You may have noticed my social media is full of the bright yellow image from the book cover. What I need you to do is to change your social media to these images (or give them a share), too!

What does this achieve?

It generates a discussion!

The image is pretty eye-catching, right?

People see it – and they see lots of it – and they need to know more. That’s when they reach out and ask what it’s all about and we get to plug Hollywood Gossip!

You can, of course, mention it in the description/post too, with a link to the landing page: https://www.kristinaadamsauthor.com/hollywood-gossip. Then those shy folks who don’t like reaching out can still find out more.

You can check out the social media graphics below. There are profile pictures, cover photos, and status images for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To use the images below, right click and select ‘Save as’ to somewhere you can find it. Then go to your social media platform and upload it like you would any other cover image, profile photo, or status update.

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