Introducing the Productivity for Writers Paperback

Ever since Productivity for Writers was published, I’ve toyed with whether or not to create a print version.

Initially I chose not to because doing so is time-consuming and reaps little rewards.

However, after I downloaded Scrivener 3, I felt Productivity for Writers would be the perfect opportunity for me to practise with its new formatting options.

And it was.

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What Happens in New York: Meet Hollie Baxter

It’s time for me to introduce to you the final character from What Happens in New York, Hollie Baxter.

The scene below is the first chapter. If you like what you read, you can also check out scenes featuring Fayth Campbell, Astin Mack, Liam York and Trinity Gold, and Tate Gardener. You can also purchase your copy from all good ebook retailers now (and in print from Amazon), to find out what happens next!

Happy reading!

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What Happens in New York: Meet Liam York and Trinity Gold

In the latest scene from What Happens in New York, it’s time to meet Hollywood golden couple Liam York and Trinity Gold. They look like the perfect couple, but are they as perfect in real life as they appear to be on camera?

Don’t forget you can check out scenes featuring Astin Mack, Tate Gardener, and Fayth Campbell too!

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What Happens in New York: Meet Fayth Campbell

A while ago now, I asked on my Facebook page which characters you’d like to meet first. Astin Mack came first, followed by Tate Gardener, and deuteragonist Fayth Campbell came third.

In this scene, Fayth is working in the family pub when her ex-husband Patrick appears. She desperately tries to avoid him, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan…

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What Happens in New York: Meet Tate Gardener

A few weeks ago now I asked which character from What Happens in New York you’d like to meet first. It was a tie between Astin Mack — model-turned-stunt-performer — and Tate Gardener, singer/actor/entrepreneur/model. I went with Astin first, because his scene is earlier in the novel and I have a soft spot for him. This second scene is all about Tate!

Tate is only a minor character in this book, but she’s one of my favourites to write, and also the glue that holds a lot of the characters together. Whilst she’s only got a handful of scenes in What Happens in New York, she’ll have a bigger part to play in book two, and also has her own spin-off novel.

This isn’t the first time we meet her, but in her first scene she doesn’t speak! I figured it’s better to introduce her to you all in a scene where she says/does a little more!

In this scene, Hollie’s in the toilets reapplying her make-up when Tate and her friend burst in…

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What Happens in New York: Meet Astin Mack

When I asked on Facebook which character people wanted to meet first, I wasn’t surprised that model-turned-stunt-performer Astin Mack was at the top of the list. I didn’t expect a tie with his best friend Tate Gardner, but she’s given me permission to let him go first; she’s nice like that.

I’m super excited for you to read this. Astin has caused me some of the biggest issues writing this novel, but I adore him and his blue eyes and leather jacket and the way he teases Hollie. All the pain, ranting, and listening to No Doubt deafeningly loud has paid off.

This scene is the first time we meet Astin, right after Hollie’s been shut out of the theatre for arriving late (she has a small bladder. It’s not her fault she needed to pee!). She’s in the middle of playing Angry Birds Star Wars when she knocks over her drink. And so our story begins…

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The Original Opening of What Happens in New York

Sometimes, no matter how attached we are to a piece of writing, we have to sacrifice it. This piece is incredibly fun to read, but it just doesn’t set Hollie up as well as I’d like.

It was raised in workshopping that her boss isn’t set up as enough of an arsehole, and some people could sympathise with him more than Hollie, especially given her temperament. I’ve since hyped up the anxiety and her boss’s controlling ways. The premise has remained the same, but there’s more build-up and less stock taking.

It pained me to rewrite it, but it’s important to not get too attached to your writing as you have to do what’s best for it, not what you’re most emotionally attached to.

I’d love to know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

You can also check out a video of me reading the below scene from What Happens in New York at the final Restless Minds anthology event!

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More Marketing Changes (This Time, on Social Media)

A few months ago now, I wrote about how I’m changing my marketing tactics.

I’m pleased to say that since I did so, book sales have gone up.

Not only that, but hits to The Writer’s Cookbook have tripled.

Now it’s time for more changes to my marketing strategy…

New social media usernames

When you’re trying to build a brand, it’s important that it’s easy for your audience to find you.

One of the ways to do this is to have the same username on all social media platforms.

I’d attempted this a few times, but every time I came up with a username I liked, it was either taken or too long for Twitter.

Recently, I settled on using the same name as this blog for my social media. But that was also too long for Twitter 🙄

So I decided rather than sacrificing the username I wanted, I’d use that everywhere else (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), and pick a shorter version for Twitter.

And that’s what I’ve done!

Here’s where you can now find me:

Where to find Kristina Adams on social media.

You can still find me on Google+ as well, but since that won’t let me add a custom URL (I’ve no idea why), I haven’t included it in the list.

I’ve also created a completely new Instagram that focuses on my books and blog. Unlike my other account, it’s a business account, so I can schedule posts in advance. I currently use Planoly for this, but if you use a different tool to schedule posts to Instagram I’d love to hear about it!

Next step

My next step is to set up SmarterQueue. I gave their trial a go earlier in the month and was really impressed. It’s super easy to use and my followers and engagement rates skyrocketed. Since the trial ended, they’ve plummeted 😱

Once that’s ready to go, my evergreen content will share to my social media accounts automatically. This will give me more time to create content, write books, and get more done.

How do you manage your social media accounts? Do you have the same username across all platforms? Why/why not?