Don’t know what you’re talking about.

All right, fine.

Seeing The Ghost’s Call up for preorder made me feel emotional.

Preorders don’t usually make me emotional anymore.

But The Ghost’s Call is different.

It isn’t a book I’ve been planning since I was a teenager, like What Happens in New York.

I didn’t write it in four months like Hollywood Destiny.

It’s the start of something new for me (anyone else think of High School Musical then? Just me?). The beginning of a new era, if you will.

And it does combine everything I love about writing and storytelling: friendships, family, romance, mystery, and magic.

A ghost story, you say? Are you sure?

If you’d told me a year ago I was about to come up with an idea for a ghost story—not just a story, a series—I would’ve asked you what you’d been smoking.

I never, ever thought I’d write a ghost story.

Watching The Woman in Black had me cacking myself, and I didn’t fair much better with The Conjuring.

But at some point between watching The Conjuring and The Haunting of Bly Manor, something changed.

I’m not sure if it was reading E.E.Holmes’s The World of the Gateway, or an acceptance that my boyfriend will only watch superhero and horror films, but something inside of me switched.

I developed an appreciation for all things ghostly and started paying much more attention to the supernatural horror genre.

After I came up with the idea for The Ghost’s Call, I started binging as many ghost stories as possible.

I devoured The Haunting of Bly Manor, analysing everything I could (and still missing lots), and whenever it was my turn to pick a film, I defaulted to anything ghostly.

I mostly read paranormal women’s fiction with ghosts in, such as Robyn Peterman’s Good to the Last Death series and Christine Zane Thomas’s Witching Hour. (Witching Hour doesn’t have quite so many ghosts in, but it does have a mummy. We’ll get to those in a minute.) And of course, E.E.Holmes.

They became my comfort reads. I immersed myself in their mystical worlds as reality crumbled thanks to the pandemic.

I love the books’ balance of relationships, mystery, and magic in paranormal women’s fiction. The horror films that stood out to me were the ones that had three-dimensional characters—like The Conjuring Universe and The Haunting of Bly Manor—and didn’t just use them as props to move the story along.

As someone who grew up worshipping Charmed, anything that combines those things has my attention.

Relationships first, magic second

Any hardcore Charmed fan will tell you that the show’s success was because they were sisters first and witches second.

That’s the approach I’ve taken in The Ghost’s Call. Niamh and Edie are mother and daughter first, (reluctant) ghost hunters second.

The heart of the book is their relationship and how that changes and grows because of what’s happening around them.

The heart of the series, while it may expand to explore other characters (I’m not sure yet, but I’m keeping an open mind), will always be their relationship with each other, and their relationships with the people around them.

I currently have the first four books planned, with lots of twists and turns and BIG reveals along the way.

I then have some ideas for other things I want to explore, like ghost ships and haunted houses, and a couple of extra opponents for Niamh and Edie to face.

My plan is for this to be an open series with no end, but lots of stories for you to enjoy. Some books will be part of a bigger serial arc, while others you’ll be able to read as a standalone.

The Ghost’s Call can be read as a standalone, but will be an introduction to a four-book arc.

The second book, The Mummy’s Curse will be out later this year. Once The Ghost’s Call is done, I’m going to start developmental editing on it. I’ll have a better idea of a release date by the end of this quarter.

I’m not sure when books 3 and 4 will be out yet, but my aim is to release them this year or early next year.

It will likely be that the first 3 books are released this year and book 4 is next year, but I’ve come to accept that planning my launches too far in advance always backfires, so I’m focusing on one book ahead at a time.

What’s The Ghost’s Call about?

Check out the blurb below:

Single parent Niamh desperately doesn’t want her daughter Edie to go into the ghost hunting business like she did. But when Edie receives an important message from a ghost, she may not have a choice.

Their hometown is haunted. With the town’s rich history, it could be anyone. And they could be anywhere.

When a ghost arrives on the doorstep of family friends, Niamh and Edie must race against time to protect the people love.

You can preorder your copy now from the following retailers:

More retailers will go live nearer the time, including Barnes & Noble and Google Play.

A paperback version is also on its way, so if you’d like a physical copy, stay tuned for details on that 🙂

Right, I’d better get back to proofreading ready for the release on 29 June. TTFN!