Introducing the Productivity for Writers Paperback

Ever since Productivity for Writers was published, I’ve toyed with whether or not to create a print version.

Initially I chose not to because doing so is time-consuming and reaps little rewards.

However, after I downloaded Scrivener 3, I felt Productivity for Writers would be the perfect opportunity for me to practise with its new formatting options.

And it was.

But it was also completely ridiculous.

It took me several days to format it and get everything to look how I wanted it to.

A few weeks ago I wasted an entire Sunday formatting it and it still wasn’t ready.

So, after all that work, there was no way I couldn’t share it with you.

Plus I know a lot of people prefer to read nonfiction in print.

(If you’re wondering, I prefer to read it on a Kindle because I can highlight sections without defacing a physical book, which it pains me to do.)

The proof copy arrived yesterday, and aside from a few minor tweaks, I was happy with how it looked.

The paperback version of Productivity for Writers.
The proof copy of Productivity for Writers.

So, rather than leave everyone waiting (and since I can’t do preorders for print copies anyway), here it is!

You can grab your copy now over on Amazon 🙂

Are you more of a paperback or an ebook fan when it comes to reading nonfiction?

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